Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's next? or Flying Nekkid

This news story reports an 28 year old Jackson, Michigan woman, originally from Pakistan, who may have been carrying liquid explosives in her carry on baggage. New TSA regulations last week prohibit carrying common items like toothpaste and astringent, which skin-conscious j. carries everywhere, in carry on bags.

Also now illegal, fear of flying. By now everyone already knows about the 59 year old Vermont woman, a U.S. citizen, who caused her flight to be diverted and escorted by F-15s, by pacing the aisles, peeing too much (okay, I don't really think people should void in the aisles), and saying "Pakistan". She was also guilty of carrying hand lotion. She was reportedly arrested for "interfering with a flight crew." Does that mean they couldn't get the drink cart through? (Addendum: More on the story. Matches and screwdriver mentioned. Cf. these contradictory accounts.)

Next we will be asked to don a paper gown before entering secure areas of the airport for our mandatory rectal exam.

Anybody want to fly?

Does anybody really think that volunteering our Constitutional rights as a burnt offering is going to keep us safe from terrorism?

This is America, folks. We started the place so we could have a peaceful cup of tea. We fought a major war among ourselves over rights. As far as I'm concerned, the terrorists are successful, because the fact is, American citizens are terrified.

R. Connors

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