Sunday, February 28, 2010

a visit- dream journal

I went to therapy where I was being counseled by a man whose wife sat in on therapy and kept giving her opinion. While I was there, I ran into the children of a friend. They invited me to come home with them. There was a very roundabout journey, at one point we were going the wrong direction on the freeway, then I found myself at the top of a freeway ramp that led nowhere. The therapist's wife was shadowing me, but not very sneakily. At my friend's house, a choir was practicing. They were planning to record a demo the next day and they sounded terrible. I forgot that so many people were there and went to take a shower. Members of the choir were coming and going and I had to scramble for a robe. There was a group of women in the sunroom having a conference on something to do with the hospital. I dropped a cabbage behind the buffet. Eventually I sat down in the armchair. Little, blonde, twin toddler boys climbed into my lap and fell asleep and a girl with dark curly hair wedged herself into the space that was left and fell asleep too. I was contented. Later I went outside to eat a popsickle. The girl came out and invited me back in where they were having ice cream before leaving for school.

sronnoc esor