Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pyramid Foundations

International adoption is a somewhat complicated process. R@du describes it as a pyramid with three parallel sections at the base, all of which must be completed before progressing.

As soon as I mailed the application, I began work on the base of the pyramid. I emailed our kind friends who have agreed to provide references. I answered the questions on the autobiography, describing my home life growing up and how we envision the future of the new family we're creating.

I bought a box of 100 yellow manila mailing envelopes and labelled them for blank forms, completed forms, and instructions. I'm sure there will be plenty more envelopes with different labels to come. The emptier that box of envelopes get, the closer our baby is to being in our arms.

I got into cycling in the last few years. I have a beautiful carbon race bike that's just weeks from being ready to ride. I'm not even that excited about the bike anymore, and it really is a very exciting bike. Now I'm thinking about an Extracycle...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meeting R@du

R@du answered all our questions and somehow managed to ease my anxiety. By the time we got home I was almost jumping up and down with excitement. I'm mailing him the application tonight.

We are so excited about working with an agency that genuinely loves finding homes for orphaned children, and also funnels as much money as they can back into orphanages and foster homes in Ethiopia.

I'm ready to get the fingerprints done, the medical form signed, the background checks done, and the home study underway. Before you know it, I'll be buying a baby bed! (This is where you insert a high-pitched squeal!!)


adoption- the beginning

On Thursday, we decided to start the process to adopt a baby. I made a spreadsheet of country requirements, crossreferenced it with local agencies, and made some phone calls.

On Friday, I made an appointment with R@du to discuss Ethiopian adoption.

In a minute, I'm leaving for that appointment. I've waited close to 10 years for this; I tell myself it should be easy to wait 1-2 more, while the process happens. But I'm already anxious, and so is jc.

Anxious, a bit incredulous, and also thrilled beyond belief.