Sunday, August 20, 2006

no time

Between work and sleep, I couldn't bring myself to write this weekend. I slept 18 hours Friday and woke up exhausted with a heart rate in the 130's. Fortunately, a kind doctor at work gave me a bit of Metoprolol and it came down to the 80's. I've been running a marathon lately because of overcorrected thyroid. The good news is that I'm feeling a bit better the past few days without the med.

In other personal news, I managed to stay up for church this morning, mass that is. This is always a good time of meditation for me. As a bonus, I got nonstop positive energy flow from the young man sitting beside me during the service.

I had a bunch of wacko dreams this weekend which I didn't get a chance to record and so are lost to memory. One was of ex-boyfriend Lewis, though. All I remember is he was wearing a hospital gown and had a very nice butt.

Well, I need to give j. some quality time now.


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