Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm to be a yoga teacher now

I showed up early last night to pick j. up from teaching his stretch class at the gym. While I waited, I did some stretching of my own. The owner of the gym, Ayjay, soon sidled over and commented that I knew how to do yoga. Well, yoga and stretching have common elements, and I have taken a yoga class or two. He began asking me if I would teach a yoga class & for some reason, I agreed. My first class is a week from today. In the interim, I will be doing my yoga video twice a day and studying Rodney Yee's book intently to memorize all the poses. Oh yes, and shopping for yoga duds. At least j. is going to practice with me and sit in the class. I believe I will call myself a yoga guide.

At least I'll be exercising.


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ScienceWoman said...

Aren't small towns great? Everyone gets to be the "expert" at something.