Wednesday, August 30, 2006

monster- movie review


The first reaction to this movie is perhaps, "what an ugly story!"

As always, I ask what the implications of the movie are.

A street hooker from the age of 13, the main character finds acceptance in a relationship with a lesbian woman.

She is driven by circumstance to kill or be killed by an evil-minded "john".

So far, so good, right?

Except that killing men for the contents of their wallets becomes a habit with her. Her rather shallow, young girlfriend can't understand why she would want to quit "hooking". She tries to get a job at many things, all beyond her education and ability. She loses her temper frequently when she doesn't get hired. So she turns to the only thing she knows how to do: the twisted permutation of prostitution that she has justified by reasoning that the men in question are perverts and abusers.

What a tragic story of a young girl's life destroyed by sexual abuse. There is no doubt in my mind that she was mentally ill. The question is, was she born with the illness or did life events impose it upon her? Was she intended to kill or would it happen to anyone, given the circumstances?

R. Connors

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Ms J said...

hey, i enjoyed that movie too and the same questions you had played in my mine. i think people do not choose to be 'bad and evil' but life's hard knocks makes them feel that they deserve to 'take away' from others. its all rather sad. but what a great movie it was huh!