Monday, August 07, 2006

kitties don't like water but love baths

I felt much too tired to take a shower this morning; actually felt barely able to get out of bed. Yet I was much too grimy too remain unbathed, so indulged in a midweek midafternoon bath. Everyone knows that kitties hate baths. Well, as soon as I run a bath, the kitties come running. Shadow comes first and jumps up on the side of the tub after a little sniff. She checks out the water and settles down on the towel that I carefully put on the side of the tub for my own comfort. Ailleanach follows soon and jumps up on the windowsill. She isn't above sitting on the side of the tub, but not likely to voluntarily plop down next to her sister. After taking a little rest, Shadow dips her front paw in the water, gives it a little shake, and starts cleaning herself. She seems to like this method and continues with it until I start washing my hair. As you can see, both girls are fascinated by shampooing. They continue to sit in their respective places and watch me drain the tub and dry off and then follow me into the next room.


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Robin said...

I just gave the kitty her first bath and you would have thought I was killing her. My darling husband found it quite humorous.