Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dying to Belong- movie review


The title really says it all.

This was not necessarily a fun movie to watch, but again informative and thought-provoking.


Is a thought-provoking movie worth making? Will it provoke thought in anyone who watches it, or only those who are already thinking?

Observe how peer pressure and need for group acceptance can drastically alter behavior and perceptions. Hilary Swank's character in this one appears schizophrenic at times, she is so divided between telling the truth, pleasing her mother, pleasing her boyfriend, and just being true to herself. At times, she allows herself to be sucked into the idea that sisterhood supercedes all else, including death or murder as you may choose to see it.

I pause to attempt to put myself in her place. I never really gave a fig about belonging to a group that I can remember. What about following a particular course of action to please Mom, who doesn't always notice much? Yeah, I spent a long time doing that.

I could ramble quite a lot about other things that make a person feel like she belongs. Nose jobs, breast implants, the right color lipstick, elective cesarean sections; around here it's hip to use methamphetamine. Follow your train of thoughts wherever it goes.

Let yourself THINK!


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