Friday, August 11, 2006

amputation- dream journal

I had a dream that my older sister, Baptist Nun, was sick and needed surgery. The doctor kept putting her off and she came to me for help. There turned out to be something wrong with her foot and it need to be amputated. (Don't read on if you are queasy.) Well, we just sat down on the floor and I cut it off with a pair of tin snips. Didn't even give her a bullet to bite. She was a real trooper too. It didn't bleed much and I thought she must have some kind of circulation problem. I put a rod up in what was left of her leg and stuck a prostheses on the end then wrapped the whole thing up in an ace wrap. It occured to me afterwards that I could have at least put a piece of gauze on the stump.

(Does this mean I havae a real problem with Baptist Nun or what? Gives me the willies.)

Sronnoc Esor

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elizabeth said...

last night, i dreamt that i amputated both my feet for some reason. it was also not bloody, just stumps. i also could not see a doctor. it was disturbing. i wonder what it means.