Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a few photos from yesterday's walk

Aerial view of a mushroom.

A framed bit of sky.

Imagine a face for this one. You might imagine "lady in a hairnet."

Entwined branches from the same tree.

The lost feather of a Steller's Jay.

little moss soldiers.

I'll let you guess what this is.

The lovely forest canopy.

I wanted to post more, but Blogger is being recalcitrant. Maybe later.



Robin said...

Your pictures were a soothing mind massage and a welcome break from my studies!

Phil said...

Those are delightful photos. I almost feel as if I were present when you captured the photos, they are so lifelike.

Holly said...

Mystery photo looks like the underside of a mushroom. Love the stellar's jay feather!

Rose Connors said...

The underside of a mushroom it is. I thought that should be an easy one.