Thursday, August 10, 2006

another ttc post- thinking out loud

It's interesting how things always happen in stages for me. We've had several obstacles trying to conceive, and just when I reach the breaking point there always seems to be something else to solve or try. Now I realize that solving the thyroid problem basically puts us back to square one; so instead of calling this month 29, I might just as well call it month 3. And nobody is, or should be, worried about trying 2 months without success. The return of the PMS only means one of two things, though & both are caused by the same thing: too much estrogen, not enough progesterone.

So, after much research and thought, I have decided to start supplementing with progesterone cream. This is done only during the luteal phase, the part of the cycle that comes after ovulation, also called the proliferative phase. Progesterone is more effectively absorbed transdermally than orally, since the liver metabolizes it. I already know that I don't want to take synthetic hormones, one reason I'm not interested in fertility testing. The progesterone in the cream is derived from plant sources, and many people have had very good success relieving PMS with it. Some people also claim that it has helped them sustain a pregnancy after multiple miscarriages.

I'm moving on, and it always makes me feel better to have something to do about it. For the time being, I've learned my lesson about getting too optimistic, though. We'll see what happens now.

Go 29!


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