Monday, August 28, 2006


Self Powered Man arrived on his bicycle up the steep hill that I have trouble walking. He opened his backpack and like Mary Poppins pulled out crab, bread, garlic, and a gift of a suet cake for my birdies. We drank an okay bottle of Cabernet together out of the Waterford that was a wedding gift from j.'s sister, who I'll call Patience.

It was delightful to have Self Powered Man's (formerly PF, deserves better than that.) company last evening. He brought along fresh Dungeness and red rock crab from his morning's catch and we spent an enjoyable hour shelling it together. We had it in cream sauce over angel hair. My cream sauce is sometimes a failure, so it is considered success that it was only slightly lumpy. Self Powered Man chose the movie of the night, The Red Violin, from our collection. The kitties came out and tolerated him as long as he didn't look at them. My poor kitties are quite socially inept.

(Alas, this post will win no awards, as it is quite badly constructed.)


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