Thursday, August 10, 2006

it would be nice to say I had grown this stuff

I am enjoying the bounty from someone's summer garden, via the supermarket. Every once in a while my body reminds me that vitamin tablets are no substitute for green things and I take a respite from my pasta and potatoes diet. Here are the results:

The zucchini for my courgette bread, made with molasses and wheat flour and plenty of nutmeg came from Ki'il's garden.

I couldn't resist the many fascinating melons. I have no idea what the yellow one is, but I'm sure when it gets ripe it will taste delicious.

The cucumber and onion salad with sweet Walla Wallas is a blast from the past. Lately I find that the simple food my mother gave us growing up pleases me in more ways than just the taste. After all, I am a comfort eater.

Comfort food to all,


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