Thursday, August 17, 2006

More on flying

Here is an update on the West Virginia hullabaloo. Yes, Rima Qayyum is Islamic and was wearing a headscarf. Her mother says she was carrying drinking water and facewash. She is four months pregnant, by the way.

The Vermont woman who caused all the ruckus on the flight rerouted to Boston Wednesday has been identified as Catherine Mayo, a peace activist and journalist. Below are some quotes from her and links to her writing. Maybe she's crazy, mabye she is making a point.

daily times article

undated article (preceded by thoughts on fascism)

When dissent is silenced, a person does not know the truth of the man standing
next to him.

There was no room in the American system for blind

Fear is the one thing that will destroy this world of
Fear causes each of us to act sooner than we need to. Without fear we
can think
things through, make mistakes, learn from our mistakes. Without
fear, we can
laugh at ourselves. When we laugh at our own foolishness, other
people smile
with us. A world of patient fools has a power that we all

Here is a report of a naked scanner already in use at some airports.


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