Tuesday, August 01, 2006

can't remember my dreams

After the two headed baby dream, it is a blessing to have nothing to blog to a dream journal today. I know I dreamed something, but I can't remember what- something about sex, no doubt.

I made brownies for some friends who had made things for us yesterday. I don't want to eat any. Right now I am not tempted, but if I eat one, I will not want to stop. This morning I woke up with j. to pack the brownies for his clients. Since I was up, I decided to go to the 6am version of our monthly meeting at work. This was effective. The meeting normally lasts 90 minutes and it only went 60 this morning.

I'm watching Shadow playing with her favorite toy- a rubber band. She knows how to hook it on a shoe or piano pedal and play the banjo with it. I highly recommend the heavy duty, large size rubber band to anyone with a kitty.


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