Thursday, July 20, 2006

why cry?

I have to admit to the occasional bout of depression. What's good for depression? SSRI's, MAOI's, TCA's? No thanks. Just give me a M*A*S*H* marathon or DVD. I'll cry my eyes out. Don't ask me why crying a river gets me over the hump, but it does. Am I really that upset because Radar's girlfriend chose to break up with him by sending a record? I mean, I know Radar was really broken-hearted, but it doesn't make me that sad.

So why am I crying today? Playing sappy country love songs on the piano- How do I live (without you)?, Feels so Right, classic Don Williams' I Believe In You. Does the keyboard sound as blurry as the notes look to my teary eyes? Is it about not getting pregnant this month, stirring up old memories, having a tougher time at work than usual? Or do I have some weird hormonal pattern going on? In truth that's the best culprit I can ever think of.

It's good when you have a jag like that to have a man who holds you tight and makes you laugh. I have some movies that can always make me cry, and normally I'd go pop one in the DVD player, but I must've gotten some toxins out already. I guess people knew how to be depressed even before television came along.


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