Monday, July 24, 2006

in the pouring rain- dream journal

To start out with, I was at work, but at no job I've ever had. I was a nurse and my patients were scattered all around this huge building with one in a nearby cottage. We had no regular forms to fill out and had to do our documentation on regular notebook paper. Everything was a mess, I never even saw all the patients and when morning came, I was very relieved to pass them off to someone else. The patient in the cottage had the same name as a patient who died two weeks ago.

After that I went to the movie theater and ran into Stephen Goodwin (my first college blind date and another blog;) he was with a girl that I knew and didn't like, but I can't put a finger on her identity. I was just getting ready to reminisce with them about how I didn't like either of them when they told me they were married and asked me if I wanted to have lunch with them. I had already agreed to have lunch with someone else, but I said okay.

We set out for the dining hall, I was wearing an evening gown with knee high boots, and we came to an obstacle that we had to cross. First was a cast iron fence with two horizontal rails like pipes, then a deep ditch, then a second, smaller but similar, fence. Since I was wearing a dress, I tried to climb between the rails only to discover that there was a razor edge on the other side that wouldn't allow me to cross, but had caught my dress. I carefully backed out with minimal damage to the dress and looked around only to find a way around the fence so that I didn't have to climb at all.

After getting over the ditch we found ourselves in an isolated room with no door, just a window. It was pouring down rain outside. Someone had been to the dining hall already and brought back a diamond tiara. At this point, I remembered that I had taken off my boots and left them outside. I had to take the window glass out and climb out the window to retrieve them.

Just then my very real kitty Ailleanach jumbed on my tummy and my very full real bladder, and the dream ended.

Sronnoc Esor

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