Monday, July 31, 2006

menage a trois- dream journal

(I'm too hot to go back to sleep and I don't feel too good either.)

I arrive at a hotel in my hometown with my lover and another woman who I also perceive to be with him. We didn't live in town, but my Grandma did and that's what our mail said. There are no hotels there. We check into a very nice suite with two large rooms. The other woman says she'll take the single bed and let me sleep with man. I have the distinct impression that it's very nice of her, since she's known him longer. I am suddenly very worried about a hangnail and start looking for a nail file. The other woman goes out onto the deck and I follow her. There is a little anteroom and then a big private deck with a wooden fence around it. We can see out to the Creek and the Big Bridge to the right and the railroad to the left. It's still the same white trash neighborhood. People playing music too loudly, dogs barking, and old cars in the yards. We go back in and I start looking for something to wear to bed. I can't decide whether or not to wear the silk nightgown that I brought. All I can find in my luggage are things that I don't need or want. After that I don't remember anything.

Sronnoc Esor

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