Sunday, July 30, 2006

Revenge- movie review

Starring Kevin Costner as an American hot shot jet pilot who is retiring. He goes to Mexico to visit his friend who is some kind of mob boss and has an affair with the guy's young wife (accidentally, of course). From here the title tells the story. Mob boss beats up pilot and wife and sends wife to a whore house. She gets so sick that by the time pilot finds her at the end, she is near death in a convent. The end.

What can I possibly say about this movie? It begins pleasantly enough. There was enough graphic violence to keep me from watching some of the scenes. I like Kevin Costner, so that adds some appeal.

What is the message?

1. the sanctity of marriage? Mob boss had a girlfriend, so that can't be it.
2. the power of revenge? After all, that's the title. Maybe it's the ultimate revenge. The wife dies and leaves a broken-hearted lover. No doubt more broken hearted than he would have been if he just left Mexico and forgot about her before getting caught.
3. the power of true love? The passion is so strong that the lovers "do it" for the first time in a coat room. Is love stronger than death? Or is fancy pilot going to find a new girlfriend in a month?
4. love conquers fear?
5. selfish love leads to ruin?
6. be cautious when having an affair?


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