Sunday, July 16, 2006

What does make the world go around?

The songs say that it's love.

In eighth grade they told us it had something to do with the sun, moon, and stars.

In Sunday school we became convinced that God is the one doing the whirling.

That old Atlas holding the world on his shoulders, he must be getting dizzy by now.

I've met more than a few surgeons who think they're responsible.

Let's think about this:

There's no question that if you're in love (whatever that may be), it can feel like it's spinning pretty fast. If you lose your lover, it feels like it stops for sure & you might be inclined to stop it and get off. But really, lover and lovee are the only onces affected by this phenomenon. There are a lot of people out there who haven't had the experience or been able to maintain it and they're still spinning.

As for the theory about gravitational pull and centrifigual force and that other stuff that I don't understand completely. They sure make it sound plausible. But maybe it's just those Martians twirling us on a spit. Is it done yet? That theory keeps a lot of scientists in a job though, including NASA, not to mention giving us something to study in science class.

Is God really responsible for everything? For some people, God has the same effect as being in love. Nuns even marry God. When I was growing up I thought it was something to build your life around. I even learned that people who didn't have God in their lives were miserably unhappy & always searching. Only one day I found out that I wasn't sure if He was really up there or not. I thought for a minute that the world would stop, but it didn't. I'm not miserably unhappy either. So that one spins it for some people sometimes.

Atlas? Is there anyobdy left who still thinks that?

Those surgeons sure spin the world for people once they get their hands inside their guts. One more good reason to stay out of the hospital, avoid plastic, nicotine, alcohol, exhaust fumes and synthetic fabrics.

Answer: What makes it spin for me? Well, love of course.

What makes it spin for you?

Rose Connors

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