Friday, July 21, 2006

a journey- dream journal

I've had a similar dream before, but I think I'm getting somewhere.

In the previous dream, I travel a long distance over rough roads to see a beautiful spot by the lake. When I get there I realize that I'm only 50 yards from where I started, but I still have to travel the whole rough road to get back.

In last night's dream, I travel to the lake again. The dream is only about the return trip where I find a shortcut. I recognize the main road across a field and quickly turn off onto a gravel lane. The lane is full of potholes, in a few places there is a deep ditch down the middle of the road deep enough to swallow my car, but I manage to stay on the road.

I come out in a small town and go into a few shops. By this time it seems that I am on foot. I get a leash for my cat and the shop owner tries to talk me into taking a puppy. I decline. The cat has unraveled a spool of string and I clean it up.

I segue into another dream sequence where I seem to be at some sort of church function.

People keep giving me sandwiches and drinks for someone who is going on a trip. I am supposed to mail them to her if I don't see her. Then everyone starts rushing around in a panic as if there's a fire. I am left aiming a hose into a big wooden bin full of papers and stuff. It seems like I am trying to burn it only it obviously won't catch fire with the water hose I am using so I pour accelerant on it. (Maybe a Fahrenheit 459 reference?) It still doesn't catch.

After that we clean the place up and I finally see the girl going on the trip, it turns out to be Melanie, and give her her food. I pass two people having a clandestine conversation in what used to be my father's sunday school room. (This is a recurring scenario.) I want to know what they are discussing and try to eavesdrop without success.

Before leaving the building I use the tiny bathroom at the end of the hall. In the full length mirror there, I am obviously showing.

Sronnoc Esor

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