Sunday, July 16, 2006


I stayed in bed all day. In the afternoon my period came. Just a few months ago, in an environmentally friendly moment, I got a Diva cup. It's a little clear plastic cup that replaces a tampon and it's reusable. I'm still enjoying using that. For me it's a little more comfortable than a tampon. Unfortunately, Diva cup notwithstanding, I was not comfortable. I got out the extra long heating pad and the regular size one. Together they wrap the whole way around my middle and I tie it with a bathrobe belt.

The pain was just starting to ease up when I heard a car pull up outside. Uh oh. I forgot. The piano tuner and I'm in my skivvies tied to an electrical outlet. I woke up my napping husband and sent him to open the door and take all the pictures off the piano. One kitty darts under the bed and the other hides behind a curtain. I usually do the dishes and dust before he comes, but I guess he'll have to see what a slob I am.

I finally get up and dress. I was trying to make do with Aleve and the heating pad, but since I was up now, I took a Vicodin. I enjoyed a pot of chocolate macadamia coffee and read my book until the piano was done.

After the tuner left I started to feel ill, I mean sick to my stomach, nauseous. And hot. It was only 64 degrees in the living room, but I asked my husband to turn the fan on and get me a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Maybe the soup would soothe my tummy. Too late, whatever was in there was insistent that it come out the short way. I went to sleep for a while. Shadow nosed under the sheets and made herself into an exploring bump crawling around our legs and bodies. Now I'm better.

I'll probably be up all night.


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