Wednesday, July 19, 2006

crazy dreams last night- dream journal

I dreamt that I was sharing a swanky apartment with Dad. We were having some family members over. First we were driving in the van, then the main highway was closed and we had to go through town. Apparently, Dad got lost; we drove around all the back alleys past stores that I didn't even know we had, including Albertson's. Eventually we ended up on foot; it seems we knew the route better by sidewalk. My know-it-all brother struck out ahead as though he knew where he was going although he had never been there before.

When we got to the house, everyone wanted to see what Dad had gotten for Christmas. The gifts were fabulous, Dad didn't know why everyone gave him so much stuff. There was a telescope, a hanging lamp with a constellation chart, and a huge wall painting done on starched felt. I was trying to put up one of those lamps that goes from the floor to ceiling with the lights on the side like tree brances. That wasn't working out too well and then water starting pouring in through a floor vent.

I had paid for my cousin's plane ticket and it turned out that he had bilked me out of about $500 by having his ticket changed and taking the refund in cash. I was sorting through receipts in my wallet and saving change, of which I had a lot.

Another dream was the usual unfinished sex dream where I'm making out with someone. When we started getting undressed, it turned out that I smelled too bad for his taste.

Sronnoc Esor

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