Friday, July 28, 2006

two kinds of bad- dream journal

Another confusing work dream. We were acting like we were working in a hospital, only it wasn't a hospital, more like a dormitory or a hotel. It seems the nurses lived there too. One old man that I was working with got very sick and had to move to another institution and I was going with him on a permanent basis. I had two things to do: pack my belongings and give report on the other patients to the nurses that were staying. I gave a poor report during which the nurses kept asking questions I didn't know the answers to and criticizing what I had done. Then I went looking for boxes to pack in. There was a movie theater and game room downstairs and I thought for sure they would have boxes. There were many boxes in the dingy downstairs hallway, but they were all falling apart. I then had to find my way up the maze of stairs, some seeming to "go nowhere just for show". In the game room I was shocked to see that it cost fifty cents just to watch someone play chess. It cost a dollar to play. I returned without boxes and hadn't even begun packing when it was time to go. Someone had brought cookies and my co-workers encouraged me to get some, but the fat nurse had her hand in the cookie jar and I decided not to have any.

Recurring (scary) elements: not being packed in time and doing a bad job at work.

Sronnoc Esor

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