Sunday, July 16, 2006

dreams from the past- dream journal

I dreamt that I met up with my ex-boyfriend in the airport. It just happened that we were on the same flight, so we sat together. This was like no aircraft I've ever seen. There were big quilted leather seats that were big enough to lay down and sleep on. I was taking a little nap when I rolled up against the window. It was a huge window that latched at the top and was hinged at the bottom and it came open. I screamed for Bob to help me and he sprang to the rescue. After that we ended up making out right there on the plane. It was obvious that Bob wanted to go all the way; he was getting very excited. Suddenly he passed out right on top of me. I spent the rest of the flight trying to revive him.

Near the end of the flight the flight attendant came around with drinks. "I have this pineapple juice left. Does anyone want some?" Noone did.
"I think there's a little something else in it." I took one and downed it quickly. Then we landed. My parents and younger sister met me at the airport. It turned out Bob was going to stay with us until he could get a ride home. When we got to my parent's house, the place was a wreck. There were two toilets in the bathroom, neither of which worked right, and my parents had decided against toilet paper and had a big pile of washcloths as a replacement with a hamper to throw them in. The bathroom door wouldn't even shut.

My mom was playing practical jokes like throwing water on people. I decided to go for a walk in the woods and asked Bob if he wanted to go along. First he thought it would be too sunny, but the assurance of plenty of shade won him over. (Sounds more like my husband than Bob.) When I went to the car to get my hat, the dream mercifully ended as I awoke.

Sronnoc Esor


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