Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shuffled Plans

Alsea Falls closeup (photo credit: jc)
We spent the day in Eugene yesterday. I walked the bikepaths (in flip-flops) until I wore the skin off my feet. We picked up sushi and walked to the concert, which was outdoors. It was a lovely walk through the park. At the concert, we sat on a quilt on the grass. Chris Botti and his excellent band played for an hour to open. He plays a wonderful bluesy jazz trumpet. Then Diana Krall played and sang numbers from Nat King Cole and Irving Berlin down to Elvis Costello. By the time the show was over it was dark and we walked back to the hotel under the stars.
This morning I found out that my job in Eugene was canceled and they sent me to Florence. We took the scenic route on the way over. After I checked into the hotel (on the company) and took a nap, they canceled me here too. So we took a walk and now I'll call it an early night. It's just as well. I forgot not to schedule around my period, so today wasn't a great day to work. All things considered, me and Thermacare wraps and ibuprofen are doing just fine.

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