Friday, August 24, 2007

Rerun- dream journal

I've had this dream more than once before with slight variations.

There wasn't much privacy at the house, so we went for a ride up the mountain road. At first, we had trouble reaching the steering wheel and the brakes, and going around the horseshoe curve felt pretty treacherous. We hadn't driven long when I had to pee. We pulled in the driveway of the first house we came to and I ran right in past a startled elderly woman to the bathroom. When I came out, I explained the urgency of the situation, which she seemed to understand. She offered us drinks and everyone, there were several of us now, went and sat down in the living room. It was a lovely room, done in a shade between navy and royal blue. It was a few steps up from the rest of the house, with a wall of windows looking out over the view. I tried to help the lady with the dishes and pouring drinks, but I seemed to make a mess no matter what I did. I explained to her that I was a nurse and that I had experience working home care and wasn't usually this clutsy. I gave her my phone number, which she transcribed wrong, so I wrote it down myself. We decided to leave, but noone could find the cat. I found her and caught her. She resisted being held. When we went outside, there was no car there, so we all got on an old sofa that was sitting in the driveway. My cousin seemed to bewitch the sofa to make it fly so we could get home in time to get ready for church.

Sronnoc Esor

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