Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dahlia Man- dream journal

A lot of strange things happened when I visited Dahlia Man. Most notably he tried to ride a bicycle up a steep sand hill. When he couldn't make it over the crest, he fell off and the bike tumbled back the the bottom of the hill. He turned smoothly and slide down the sand as if it was a sliding board, grinning the whole way. Afterwards he was trying unsuccessfully to take a bath by himself, but didn't want to ask for help.

Sronnoc Esor

This followed on the heels of another dream about Dahlia Man yesterday. I had fallen back asleep after I got up. The phone startled me from a deep sleep and I remember dreaming that I had fallen asleep in the chair in Dahlia Man's living room. He was sitting at a small desk where his recliner usually is. A big hat kept flopping in my eyes and I couldn't see at all.


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