Tuesday, August 07, 2007

At Long Last

My Specialized Expedition came on Friday and we took it to the bike shop to be put together. He was too busy to get it done on Saturday and was closed Sunday and Monday, so I finally got my bike today.

My first bike had a yellow banana seat and one wheel bigger than the other. I paid something like ten bucks to a guy who worked on bikes in his garage up Runville for it. One tire was bigger than the other.

When I got out of college, a friend gave me her old Schwinn ten speed, that she had been going to throw away. It traveled from Pennsylvania to Utah on top of the cap of the blue Chevy truck. Every time I went for a ride, I got a flat. There are lots of thorns in Utah. Poor thing didn't make the trip when I moved back east.

Now jc has gotten me this beautiful bike on eBay. I hate to bend over to reach the handlebars, and this bike rides just like a cruiser.

We're headed to Eugene tomorrow for a Diana Krall concert and a few days of work. I'm off now to make a huge batch of hummus.


Addendum: Just back from an 8 mile ride after making a gallon of spicy, garlickey hummus.


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