Sunday, September 02, 2007

What Lay Beneath

I started my rock-flipping day at Shore Acres, at the rocky outcropping near the site of the old tennis court.

The first several rocks I flipped, disappointingly, had nothing but smaller rocks underneath. A few sand fleas hopped away too quickly to be photographed.

Finally this shrimp-like creature was revealed.

Then a bug iin the shape of a peace sign.

There were few rocks along the path; this one had roots under it.

I arrived at Simpson Beach in time for low tide.

This one reminds me of a wet sowbug.

Sea snails.

Rocks like this one that were much too large to flip still sheltered creatures like...


Sea anemone waiting for high tide to bloom again...

and Mussels.

A brilliant little purple crab scuttled for the camoflauge provided by some nearby seaweed.

Various shelled creatures blend cleverly with the landscape.
I've seen what's under the rocks now, if only I knew what they are.


Dena Braves said...

I enjoyed your blog - interesting insights and your photos are gorgeous.

nina said...

A starfish! I'd searched all my life to find one in a tide pool and finally discovered my first this summer in Maine! (I'm in OH, so every once in a while we go coastal)
What a beautiful area you have to discover--I've always heard Oregon is beautiful and nice to find you here to keep up with.