Friday, July 27, 2007

Key West Day

Truman Annex

After staying up late with serious sister talk, we were awake with first light and A.E. to see land come into view as we arrived in Key West. Room service arrived shortly with coffee and bagels and lox. We got ourselves ready and headed for shore. Only later did we discover that the reason there was no line to get off the ship was that we used the employees' debarkation post. The ship was docked at the naval station, so a free shuttle was provided to Mallory Square. We bought and mailed postcards and did a little shopping. I bought a few outfits and a new bikini just in case my bag didn't make it and we both got a sari-inspired wrap. The heat was already pretty stifling, so we decided to call it a day and caught the shuttle back to the ship. A.E. loved the "train-train" and the wild Key West chickens.

Back shipboard we got something to eat, took a nap, and spent the afternoon in the kiddie pool. A.E. spent a long time climbing the steps into the pool, walking across to climb the steps out the other side, and run around to repeat the process.

We decided to try the dining room tonight. A.E. had been a little fussy and we didn't know how she would handle it, but the wait staff was very friendly and made the best of it. Nonetheless, we decided it was hardly worthwhile to us to go to all the trouble. We're exhausted after dinner, so we're watching some Northern Exposure on the laptop and going to sleep.


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