Saturday, July 28, 2007

Birds of Mexico

We decided to stay on shore for the day in Mexico and instead spent the day by the kiddie pool again. Great-tailed grackles and giant grasshoppers 3-4 inches long swooped onto deck for a snack. As we sipped fruity drinks and watched the long line of people waiting for a taxi from the port of Calica to Playa del Carmen, we did not regret our choice. After a nap we did get off the ship, take a walk around and a few pictures, and get back on. We sat for pictures and wandered the decks after dinner, then put A.E. in her jammies and found a seat in the Dynasty Lounge for the early show. It was a father and son who call themselves the Fire Gauchos from Argentina. They played the drums and danced while swing around whips with live coals andstrings with balls on the ends. It was an interesting show, followed by a terrible comedian. A.E. fell asleep before the show started, and after it was over we all went to bed. We had decided to push the twin beds together to make a larger sofa and play area for daytime.


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