Monday, July 16, 2007

dream man

We haven't gotten an episode of House in weeks, yet last night I had the recurring Hugh Laurie dream with a different variation. My Google search turned up the majorly geeky photo on the left and caused me to muse about why giving a geek from across the pond bad hair, a few days beard, a limp, and bad manners would make him irresistible to innocent American girls. The fluke picture of Hugh Jackman that came up in the search, now there's a nice-looking man, but I've never had a dream about him...

sronnoc esor

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Ms J said...

hahahha, you are funny! i have a thing boutJeremy Irins, another britsih actor. What is it about them? my guess is, the 'I havent showered for days' look does something to us!