Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dressed Without Makeup

Boss Lady told a coworker that, from her experience working night shift herself, she has come to understand a few things. She believes that night shift workers are socially inept, maladjusted slobs who have personal issues to work through, don't get along well, with others, don't wear makeup, and just might have drug problems.

My reply: I don't really give a fig about most of her characterizations. If I have unresolved issues in my personal life, doesn't everyone? And no, I'm not that great in social situations, as a matter of fact I tend to shun them. I do arrive at work looking clean and professional though, albeit without makeup. (Prepare for politically incorrect personal opinions.)

This remark implies that a clean face on a woman is some kind of social or hygenic problem. Not so. Makeup is used to portray a certain image. Although society at large has come to place a larger value on it, it's base purpose is to improve a woman's sexual attractiveness. That has not a thing to do with day shift, night shift, or the nursing profession. Let me elaborate.

Lipstick mimics the rush of blood to the lips brought on by a state of sexual excitement.

Blush mimics the rush of blood to the cheeks brought on by a state of sexual excitement.

Mascara mimics the widened eyes brought on by...

And most insidious of all, eyeshadow, blue in particular, mimics the thin-lidded, veiny eyes of an adolescent or child.

Combine the above elements. Makeup produces the appearance of a young girl enjoying sex. People think I'm either crazy or making a joke, when I say this. I'm not. Shave your legs and extend the metaphor. (Check out Myra's thoughtful post over at My Journey for more on that.) If you like dressing up like a dirty old man's sick fantasy, support the cosmetics companies with your purchases. I will not allow a bare face to brand me as some sort of antisocial slob.



Myra said...

Rose, Thank you for the thought provoking post. I have been thinking about it off and on all day...I just wrote my own post about the topic over at my blog...

I never gave much thought to my practice of putting make up on and shaving my legs... But, it is worth thought and consideration.

Ms J said...

rose, i like the absolute honesty in this posting - with almost all women wearing some form of makeup at some point (and you know i cant live without mine!), i think you give a thought provoking alternative view on the topic.
personally i would love to have the confidence of not wearing makeup but my dependency on it is like putting on a mask before i face the world..
i am off now to read Myra's post on the topic too