Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Study- Part One

After my two night shifts this week, I woke up this afternoon to finish preparing for the home study visit. I finished the floors, did the laundry, and baked cookies. Old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch molasses cookies for luck.

Then I put the cleats on the spd-sl road shoes for my new bike while we waited for the social worker to arrive. The social worker arrived with a fledgling trainee right on time. Both were kind and pleasant and admired our high-rise loft. I had neglected to mail the paper safety check, so they asked for that, and I filled it out. They asked if I'd been reading about adoption and made sure I understood the possibility for attachment issues and obstacles. I had and I did.

We made an appointment for my private interview at the office for Tuesday. No housecleaning needed for that one! We're very pleased with how smoothly the visit went and excited about progressing.


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