Wednesday, March 07, 2012

adoption reading

I just finished Melissa Fay Greene's excellent book "No Biking in the House Without a Helmet". An American Jewish woman writes about augmenting her family of four biological children with international adoptees- a Romani Bulgarian boy and four Ethiopian kids. The adventures that ensue are heart-wrenching, hilarious at times, and unforgettable. Her observations about being a multiracial family are interesting and useful, and she gives proper weight to the subject of teaching her Ethiopian children about their heritage.

The most unforgettable passage in the book is one that describes a meal of "injera" and "wat" - spicy traditional food with her four Ethiopian kids. The kids stuff themselves on food so spicy that she can't even bear to taste it. Full of energy afterwards, they race around the parking lot. But the real hilarity comes when they get in the car to go home and start a burping and farting contest. Her account made me laugh out loud until tears ran down my face.


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