Saturday, March 10, 2012

Employment letter

I was finally starting to feel better from my cold on Thursday, so my self-assigned task for the day was to talk to HR to get a letter of verification of employment for the Ethiopia dossier.

I called the hospital directly and got transferred to the corporate HR helpline. The voice instructed me to go to the website of the third-party company that handles requests for employment verification. I asked if they could notarize that. The voice told me which website links to click on. I had to ask about two more times before the voice, seemingly a human woman, suggested that I visit the HR department in my building. That had been the office I was originally trying to reach. She finally transferred me.

The initial response from Ilene in HR was exactly the same. I reiterated that I need company letterhead and a notary stamp.

HR- "Since the credit union moved out, we don't have a notary any more."
me- "I really need it to be notarized."
HR- "When the notary does come, it's unreliable."
me- (voice rising) "I can wait if I need to, but it has to be notarized."
HR- more negative vocalizations that I don't even understand by now, because I've started trembling.
me- "I can't get a baby without a notarized letter from you."
HR- "Why are you talking to me like I'm stupid?"

The conversation continued in this vein, with me apologizing and explaining that this is very stressful and everyone seems to say no to me at first, and Ilene agreeing to get it done if I email her the form.

I checked my work email later in the day to find that Ilene had located a notary within a few hours and made me four notarized copies of the letter. I picked it up on Friday, and I have to send a copy to the agency to make sure it's acceptable.

Our first home study visit is scheduled for 3/22, so we're also cleaning up the house to get ready.


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