Monday, March 10, 2008

Nefarious- dream journal

jc, Schultze, and I were planning some kind of heist. We dropped Schultze off at the water treatment plant in Bellefonte. He had left the truck in gear with the cruise control on and it took off in reverse as soon as he got out. I jumped into the driver's seat, but couldn't get to the brake before we backed speedily through a red light and headed up Molasses Hill. I finally got the truck stopped in front of the elementary school. jc got out to look for a payphone so he could be in contact with Schultze. The side door of the school was open, so jc slipped inside. I watched through the window in horror as the receptionist, who shouldn't have been there in the middle of the night, asked him why he was there, and then the security guards showed up, forming a closing circle around jc. It was getting more and more crowded outside as I tried to find a good place to wait. Finally jc came out. Schultze's phone call was being transmitted over the loudspeaker. We made arrangements, then went to get in the truck, but a hot dog stand was blocking the way.
I sat in an office with Dieter, waiting for some kind of interview. He was resplendent in his uniform. When the interviewer came in, it was Jason from high school. Dieter asked him how much it would take to make it go away, and Jason immediately got very upset: "are you offering me a bribe?" and kicked him out of his office. I followed Dieter down the long hall; he made it to the car before me and they were taking off when I showed up at the curb. A celebrity was driving the car: Sean Penn or someone. He pulled away a short distance then stopped to let me in.
Sronnoc Esor

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