Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anna's Hummingbird

(I set up the tripod in an attempt to capture the Anna's Hummingbird. I haven't gotten a good shot yet, but this is the best so far.)
We made one last trip to the old house yesterday to clean up and bring back a last load of what seems like mostly junk to me. We filled the pickup and made a trip to the local dump, paid one last visit to Ernesto for delightful burritos and fish tacos, discovered a little too late that he also makes a great smoothie, gave away unwanted items on the street, and drove back in the dark. Both jc and I woke up this morning with headaches. We're still getting up the courage to unpack the truck one last time.
I'm hard pressed to find an analogy for how wonderful jc has been over the last few weeks. Somehow, moving has made me appreciate him and feel closer to him than ever. I've complained in the past about jc's bad packing, but this time I was the one who was disorganized, and he was the one who suffered for it. But he was, and is, fantastic. Thanks, jc.

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