Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

When I picked up the mail at the post office yesterday, I had to make two trips because there were so many packages. jc was sleeping, so I got out the box cutter and started opening them. There were a lot of gaudy athletic shoes, a Monster cable, a spare laptop charger, and then the jackpot: a pristine used Pentax istD digital SLR. While at Freddy's buying batteries and an SD card, I found these Grinch pants on special. So here's an anonymous picture of me wearing Grinch pants and using my new camera.
When we pulled out of China Bay after lunch yesterday, a dragging sound told me all was not well with my truck. jc took a look in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn and saw something hanging loose under the front end. We pulled into the service center of the dealer across the street. They said if we stopped by in the morning someone could take a look. I stopped after work in the morning and was told that the guy in the body shop could take a look when he came in, but that he didn't keep regular hours and only came in when he had work. Maybe I could try tomorrow...
I drove aimlessly, wondering what to do. I nearly passed the Les Schwab Tire Center before stopping there with the idea that they could tell me where to go. I was barely in the parking lot when a clean-cut, fresh-faced young man met me. He took a quick look and offered to fix it. I gave him the keys and he drove off. He was back in a few minutes to tell me that he had replaced a few missing bolts and it was good as new. No charge.

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