Saturday, December 08, 2007

Disposing of the Body- dream journal

I was present when the murder happened, but I don't think I had anything to do with it. They loaded the body in my rental car anyway and told me to get rid of it. It was in pieces in a plastic bag. I drove all over looking for a suitable place. Finally I came to a church at the end of a dead-end street. For some reason I went in. There were a lot of people there having some kind of party with games and food. I finally left and drove the other way, coming to another dead end. I turned around again, and when I came to a fork in the road, I turned right. Then I saw a police car behind me with the lights flashing. It turned left, but when it saw me, it turned around and followed me. This road ended in a dead end too. I left the car in the parking lot by another church and ran.
Sronnoc Esor


Dena Braves said...

I love dreams - wish I understood them better.

Keith said...


I did a google search on a dream I have every six months or so that is very close to what you describe. And your page popped up!

In the dream I have to dispose of a body, sometimes it is wrapped in plastic as you describe and most recently in a scuba divers wetsuit.

In the dream I feel no guilt as I had nothing to do with the death of the person but I know that I must get rid of it asap to either protect myself from the authorities or to protect someone that I love.

Interpretations on death are so vague, if I am to think about it logically perhaps its something to do with a transitional phase in my life? Sort of out with the old and in with the new, would you agree?

Rose Connors said...


Interesting that you have this dream also. I think this is about something I'm trying to hide. Thanks for sharing.