Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Going Home- Part One

We woke up in the early morning rain as we pulled into the San Francisco bus station. We wriggled into our clothes under the cover of our bags, then packed sleeping bags into stuff sacks and awkwardly said goodbye to strangers who had become friends in just a few days. Ki'il and I then shouldered our packs and walked the five blocks to the ferry terminal. We had pastries and coffee while we waited for the ferrry. Sitting on the ferry, we enjoyed comparing our observations and experiences of people and places on the trip. Grandpa picked us up; Grandma had breakfast waiting, and we visited for a few hours before hitting the road.

We wound through the picturesque Napa Valley and finally emerged on 101. We had a delicious meal of Mexican food at some little hole in the wall, then drove until dark. We decided to get a hotel for the night, giggled at the $140 Benbow Inn with valets, and settled on Best Western. We sipped a few glasses of merlot at their wine and cheese tasting, then sat in the hot tub drinking beers. We then enjoyed hot showers and more girl talk before getting under the sheets of separate queen beds with no knees or elbows invading our space and slept deeply and comfortably.



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