Thursday, November 15, 2007

alternate reality- dream journal

I was in some sort of large, fenced city. I got the vague impression that everyone there had been brought there against their wills, but weren't conscious of it. I noticed some men sneaking around trying to get over the fence. At first I thought they were trying to get in somewhere, but I later realized they must have been trying to get out. When I asked people how long they'd been there, noone knew, but they could tell me what year they came, and some had been there for many years. It was a beautiful setting with ponds and mature landscaping. Birds were everywhere, including an osprey-like bird with an unusually long and scary bill. I asked the people if they could have sex here. A few married couples raised their hands. No communication with the outside world seemed to be allowed, but I got a text message on my cell phone: "Help! I'm broke. I need money." It was from our former Landlady and I erased it and mentally dismissed it. It turned out to be from my old friend Hippie Girl, who then showed up very clandestinely at a shopping center. I was very pleased to see her after a long time. (Sarah Snook, say "hello" to your old buddy from Camp Joy if you read this.)

Then I woke up.

Sronnoc Esor

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