Sunday, April 13, 2008


Rufous Hummingbird
After working last night, I woke up early this afternoon and searched the Web for a suitable place to eat. We wound up at Nicholas Restaurant, a very lovely little, family-owned Mediterranean eatery full of tightly spaced tables crowded with diners, with more waiting outside the door for a seat. When the food started to arrive, I wished I had brought the camera. Of course, I also wish I had a device to share the smell of really good, fresh food. I had the Labney sandwich: "Imported yogurt cheese spread on fresh pita bread and layered with kalamata black olives with fresh mint, extra virgin olive oil, cucumbers and tomatoes." It came with rich, creamy hummus, fresh pita bread, and a crispy Lebanese salad with Nicholas' special recipe dressing. I washed it down with airan: a creamy, Lebanese yogurt drink. The waitress who took my order warned me that people often don't like airan, because it isn't sweet. I needed no such warning; it was delightful, just like the rest of the meal. jc had the best ever lentil soup with mjadra, a seasoned rice and lentil dish that was perfect for him.
Just the first in what I hope to be a series of fine local eateries at which I'll be tempted to blow my life savings.

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