Saturday, April 05, 2008

Rainy Day

Mt. Hood as seen from Hood River, about 60 miles east of here.
I noticed that I've used this post title before, but I do so love this kind of day. I worked last night, and a drippy, foggy, grey day makes such a good day for sleeping, or just plain relaxing. I'm meeting Laura tomorrow! I can't wait. She was my freshman roommate at Bob Jones. I'm sure we had our share of squabbles, as teenage roommates must, but we eventually became friends. She is a missionary in the Phillippines, along with her husband and children, of course. I am even breaking my embargo of church to see her. I last saw her at her wedding (I'm guessing about seven years ago), which I attended with Lewis of all people, and she imagined me married to him, an imagining that I can see with humor after this many years. Now, I'm going to creep out of my coccoon in search of sustenance.

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