Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Love with the City of Kooks

hazy downtown view from Mt. Tabor
We spent another day in town today, doing a few errands and enjoying ourselves. At the end of the day, we sat outside at McMenamin's Ringler's Annex. I was sipping a nice Stout while jc drank a Coke. A large-breasted, bra-less woman purposefully strode up to our table, loudly warning us not to drive under the influence. Against jc's advice, I informed her that we rode the bus. I should've listened; it didn't help at all. I ordered another pint and a chocolate caramel brownie a la mode.
Soon a normal-looking, twenty-something man strolled up to our table:
"Hi. How are you?" he queried.
We'd been waiting for Ben-from-eBay to arrive for a deal, so jc greeted him cordially:
"Are you Ben?"
The answer was self-evident when he replied with:
"Can I ask you about Jesus?"
Most definitely not someone selling an amp. He continued:
"You worship the devil. Even the devil worships Jesus. I used to worship the devil."
As he walked away, I could no longer stifle an outburst of giggling. The reformed devil-worshipper heard and did a funny little dance.
Eventually the real Ben arrived, and I assure you, the attractive, well-travelled, intelligently conversant young man, was at once completely different from the colorful kooks previously encountered and the most pleasantly surprising audiophile jc has ever drug me along on a deal with.
Did I say how much I love this city?

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