Sunday, October 28, 2007

On Friendship

It's been a busy but relaxing week. SPM came over for dinner on Thursday, bringing most of the dinner with him. I tried a new recipe for beer bread, which was well appreciated by all who tried it.
On Friday, I hung out with Ki'il. We had lunch and went for a walk on the beach, then attended a lecture about Camille Claudel at the local community college. It was still early, so jc and the Scholar joined us for a trip to Coney Station where we shared a pitcher of Jubel Ale and smoked a few chocolate cigars. We had a fantastic time.
Good friends have been few and far between in my lifetime, so I'm deeply grateful for the ones I have now with whom I can enjoy all the everyday, simple pleasures of life. I've often felt like an outsider or fifth wheel in groups and had the distinct impression that I was invited along merely out of kindness.
Some of my readers are True Friends. You know who you are. I lift my glass to all of you.

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Linda said...

There is such a feeling of calm here. I'm enjoying your nature photos.