Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hunting Color

When I set out this morning, I was worried that our day would be a disappointment because of the high winds and threatening clouds. A few miles inland the wind subsided and the sun even peeked through for a lovely day. As pleased as I was with our drive in search of color; I was that disappointed with the failure of my photographs to capture it. We had a lovely drive, punctuated by a stop at the Covered Bridge Winery, where I wasn't even allowed taste because I look younger than thirty and wasn't packing ID, and Ki'il came home with cranberry wine. After that we stopped at Sugartree Farms for some pears. As we drove home in the rain in the dark, dodging debris on the highway, my heart nearly stopped when blue lights appeared behind us out of nowhere. I was going well below the speed limit. I was relieved to see that the protector of the peace was headed the other direction.

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