Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why so Quiet

I haven't felt like posting much lately, mayble largely because I've been doing a lot of thinking about our future. We now have only two and a half months to find somewhere to move into at the end of April. We've been spending a few days a week scouting a neighboring town.

The town we've been living in for the past two years since we moved to Oregon is starting to show it's seamy side. The Mill used to be the major employer; since it closed five years ago or so, the town has seen a steady downward spiral. Now everyone either draws welfare or gets their check signed by the state, with some exceptions. We hear numerous complaints about how much better life was when the Mill was still here. The dropout rate at the school is high. Top activities for kids are skateboarding and duning (ATVing). There is a paucity of nice restaurants.

We had fine tapas at a restaurant in Neighboring Town this week. I had a cheese plate and jc had, according to him, the best chowder he's had in Oregon. We walked around the shops and just generally enjoyed ourselves. There's nowhere to do that here.

I've also been doing some serious thinking about my career. I've always been interested in labor and delivery. The hospital I work at now doesn't deliver babies. A move would make exploring that career path possible, with the option of becoming a midwife if I find that I really like it and want to continue in that direction.

If we buy a home in Current Town, we're no longer confident that property values will rise in a satisfactory manner. The homes in Neighboring Town are selling for similar prices, but the neighborhoods are much nicer and the homes seem nicer.

People from Current Town have always scorned Neighboring Town as being too "uppity" and "expensive". We're still looking for options, but we're obviously leaning in that direction.



Gledwood said...

You sound dedicated to your career and at least you are helping people so all the best with that. I only found your site by chance. I keep a blog too, at You're welcome to drop by if you like. It's quite different from yours. OK take care now, and all the Best from Gledwood

Eric said...

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Ms J said...

Neighbouring Town sounds liek a sure winner and worth the investment in property. its wonderful that you have a dream to chart your path into the future. good luck with househunting!

Myra said...

It's funny, I sometimes find it unbelievable that anyone isn't interested in labor and delivery...But I guess there are those out there who aren't drawn to it naturally. I find it more of a calling... and if you are feeling the calling into the birth fild, then it can be hard to ignore! :) (in my experience)