Monday, February 05, 2007

More Sundries

Work- I showed up at work Saturday with a headache after minimal sleep. Various staff members were making loud jokes about a difficult patient who had just been discharged. I interrupted to remind them to be discreet. Coworker ZsaZsa walked into the middle of it and piped up that her sense of humor allowed joking publicly about patients. We locked horns on that one. I reiterated my position and stated that I wasn't trying to cause trouble. I hoped that everyone else couldn't see how badly I was shaking. Nothing but the silent treatment from ZsaZsa for the next several hours. Dr. ChickenFarmer came back and asked for extra help in the ER, and I took the opportunity to escape momentarily. Morgen, the ER nurse, was nice enouh to notice that I looked shell-shocked. After a bit, I had a moment to sit and sip a cup of tea, and thus recovered.

PMS- The past several days I've had a nearly constant headache, combined with the expected breast tenderness and general moodiness that served to make the above described situation into a catastrophe. jc is the picture of understanding.

Smoker- Our Meco barbecue smoker arrived Friday. A pork roast has been smoked. Look for news on the pending turkey smoke.


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